Thursday, June 3, 2021

Workshop To Rent : Samcor Park : Silverton

Relocate your workshop to this light industrial premises only 900m from the Ford Manufacturing Plant in Samcor Park. Up to 500 sqm available. Highly visible. Highly affordable. Easy access from Simon Vermooten and only 1.6 km from from the N4 highway. This workshop space for rent is ideally located near in Samcor Park. Sufficient parking is available to cater for your clients with 24/7 security.

Samcor Park is a well-developed node in the Pretoria-East area. Samcor Park is a suburb of Silverton and is home to many well-known businesses. Silverton, Silvertondale, Samcor Park and Waltloo makes up a large established industrial node north east of Pretoria CBD. Koedoespoort Industrial and Montana Park Industrial form part of this node to the East and North Eastern side of Pretoria.

The area offers a vast range of industrial premises ranging from 125m2 up to 20 000 m2. Transport and logistics are made easy with quick access onto the N4 highway with recently upgraded infrastructure, whilst the N1 highway is within easy reach as well. Zoning (permitted usage) include Light Industrial, Industrial, Commercial and Retail.

A large labour pool is situated in close proximity with Mamelodi, Nelmapius and Eersterust, bordering Waltloo, Silverton and Silvertondale. Tshwane's new Bus Rapid Transport system, A Re Yeng, link the Pretoria CDB with Soshanguve and Waltloo (via Simon Vermooten Rd), to enhance transport and ease of access to employment for labourers in the manufacturing sector.

The area is very popular amongst SMME enterprises and is also home to FORD SA, JCI, BOSAL SA, JD Group, NJR Steel to name a few.

Contact Edwin van Rensburg for this workshop to rent

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Do You Have an Early Settlement Clause on your Outstanding Bond ?


Early settlement clauses in your bond terms and conditions can be a contentious issue. Early settlement is settling the bond before the maturity date of the bond. Selling your property before the maturity date is however also seen as early settlement by some financial institutions. This means that you have an additional fee over and above fees e.g estate agent fees that you may have forgotten about and have not included in your calculations when selling your property.

This may not sound as a big deal but lets look at the following calculations:

Some financial institutions include an early settlement fee of up to 5% in there terms and conditions.

If the building was purchased for R 20 million the bank would provide a 50% LTV (Loan to value) over the property. This means that 50% is covered by a bond and the other 50% is self-financed.

Let’s take the scenario (for illustrative purposes) where the building is sold within 3 months after purchase for a profit of R 2 million.

The property is thus sold for R 22 million.

Sales Commission of 4% (for illustrative purposes only) is calculated at R 880 000.

The 5% on the outstanding bond for early settlement is R 500 000 if we use R 10 M as the outstanding bond. (Over a three month period the amount allocated to capital is minimal)

The cost of sale is thus R 500 000 + R 880 000 = R 1380 000 which amounts to 6.3% of the total sale value.

Under normal conditions the seller would need to negotiate the sales agent commission as a direct cost for the sale of the property. If you have an early settlement fee then you may not have calculated that into your expenses and if your profit was lower you may end up incurring a loss.

It is thus vital that you check your bond terms and conditions to establish whether you have an early settlement fee and bring that into your calculations since the selling of your property is seen as early settlement.

The Nethold Group

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Is There an Uptick in the Convenience Shopping Center Space Amid The Pandemic ?


It is widely reported that retail sales are down in Q1 2021. With rising fuel prices and electricity prices this does not bode well for retailers. Ever increasing costs places pressure on the bottom-line and inflationary price increases are inevitable making it more difficult for the consumer who is also under financial pressure. No wonder retail sales are down. 

The Nethold Group have however found that there is a keen interest in the convenience center space amid the pandemic. These centers typically cater for the convenience market and located close to residential markets or in locations with easy access on busy roads. These centers are ideally positioned for social distancing since, in many cases, the customer can stop in front of the shop where he/she want to purchase. This ensures minimal contact with other people and ensures convenience for the customer. 

The rentals in these centers are also generally cheaper than in large shopping malls. It is however argued that there are less feet in these centers. A counter argument is that the lower rentals offsets the lower feet count in these centers compared to large malls. The visibility is generally also higher in these types of centers since there are less tenants than in larger malls. 

The Nethold Group have found that more and more retailers are looking towards the convenience center market which is creating demand for the retail space offered by these centers. Vacancy rates have come down since August 2020 which bodes well for the convenience center market.

Nethold Group

The Nethold Group owns convenience centers in prime locations.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Mini Warehouse | Factory | Workshop | Light Industrial To Rent

Prime mini warehouses, workshops, factories, light industrial units available in Samcor Park, Silverton. These units range from 125 sqm to 500 sqm with great accessibility to the N1 and N4 highways. Located on a very busy intersection and visibility from a very busy road. These units are ideal for automotive workshops, manufacturing, paint manufacturing, distribution centres, trailer manufacturing, steel works, storage units, courier warehouses, meat processing factory, 4x4 workshop, service centres, electrical contractors, building supplies, kitchen cupboard manufacturing, woodwork, welding workshop, panel beaters, electronic systems manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, engineering works, packaging, brake and clutch repairs, plastics, machines, repairs, garage doors, electric motors etc. 

Monday, October 5, 2020



Join National Tenants in this social distance friendly shopping center where you will have high visibility with low cost rentals. Setup your dance studio here where you will have sufficient parking and 24/7 security. You can have up to 266 sqm for your dance studio to rent with a separate office and separate classrooms. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.


Large open space for restaurant space to rent at this prime location. This location is social distance friendly with easy access and affordable rentals.

•Highly affordable low rentals
•High visibility
•Great accessibility
•Social distance friendly
•Open areas
•Sufficient parking
•Separate Kitchen Area
•24/7 security
•Up to 266 sqm available for a restaurant

Hair Salon Space For Rent

hair salon space to rent

Perfect space for a hair salon to rent at this prime location. This location is social distance friendly with easy access and affordable rentals.

  • Highly affordable with low rentals
  • High visibility
  • Great accessibility
  • Social distance friendly
  • Open areas
  • Opportunities
  • Sufficient parking
  • 24/7 Security
  • From 45 sqm available for a hair salon